Indie soul singer, songwriter, and keyboardist from Queens, and a founding member of Broadway's Freestyle Love Supreme, recipient of the Special Tony Award 2020. I write indie soul songs, and delight in spontaneous melody and open space.

Singer, songwriter, and keyboardist from Queens. I write indie soul songs and delight in spontaneous melody and open space.

  • Joel Leon and Arthur Lewis

    Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3

    185 Orchard St. New York, NY
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    Joel is a poet, an MC, a storyteller, an author, a father, and one of my very best friends. He raps, I sing and play piano. The audience has feelings. His songs, my songs, new songs, all mixed together. Playing with Joel is one of my absolute favorite ways of performing; don't miss it.
I'm also a developer

I specialize in building tools for musicians. For the past couple years, I've been helping out at Soundfly, a new kind of music school for today's musician.