A couple years back, I used to do these weekly updates. Every Tuesday, I would wake up, and write about my progress over the past week. It was an enlightening process for me, and I think people enjoyed reading it. At least I hope they did. So I've decided to start it back up again. Yes, I know it's Wednesday. Sue me.

The gears are turning. Last week, I posted Far Side, and results have been positive so far. People have promised to post on their blogs, share with their friends, etc., and downloads are starting to trickle in.

Essentially, I've been trying to figure out how to level up. My mailing list, my blog readership (Subscribe!), attendance at my shows - all of these numbers could stand to be a lot bigger. The big answer, of course, is to do more shows. I've been averaging one every few months, and it's time to get closer to once a month. I've got one coming up on 12/29 at LIC Bar, and I'm thinking about where to book the next one. There are other answers too though - I'm doing my best to make connections, to figure out how I fit into the interlocking networks of independent artists, singers, soul musicians, hip-hoppers, social networkers, and nerdy bloggers. Twitter has actually been great for that so far. I've also got a series of Youtubes planned, which should be a really nice promotional tool. I'll keep you posted.

While I'm thinking about all this, I'm working on a little side project as well. Sunny Lewis, another singer, songwriter, and home recording enthusiast, who also happens to be my dad, just released an album of children's music featuring me and my sister. More on that one as it develops.

Next post: Less Marketing, More Deep Thinking!