Back in 2007, I was working on an album. The album, called Waiting, was mostly songs about the fears and inactions of my 20s — feelings of "not enough" and "maybe" and someday". When the title started to get a little too literal, I decided to split it up into two EPs: I'd put out the songs that were close to finished as If We Were, and when I finished the other tunes, I'd put them out as a second EP called In The Days.

In 2008, I put out If We Were. People seemed to like it. But life got in the way, and In The Days never happened. Now those unfinished bits and pieces have been sitting on my hard drive mostly unheard for over 10 years. But I really LIKE them. Some of the best work I've ever done is buried in those recordings.

And that means they're taking up space in my brain. Something in the back of my mind always wondering: what am I gonna do with those songs? Should I try to finish the demos? Should I redo them from scratch? Can I really just forget about them?

No, I can't. But it's been a decade. I've got a new life, new challenges, and new ideas. Trying to finish these old tracks would be like trying to go back to who I was then. They're a time capsule of a young man in flux — uncertain, unfinished, unsure how to move forward, unwilling to give up.

So I've decided to let them live online as they are, exactly as I last saved them many years ago. No edits, no tweaks — just some glimpses into the mind of a younger me. Some Demos from Another Life.