More on the making money front. As graduate school can only happen at the earliest in September 2004, and that's if I pull everything together, take the GRE's, figure out where I want to apply, and get applications in by November, I still need to find some way to make more money in the next year or so.

I have tried to keep myself sharp in programming by teaching myself new languages: last summer I was working on C++, and recently I've been doing Objective-C. However, it would seem that anyone looking for a C++ programmer expects experience with teams developing Windows applications, or something of that ilk. Objective-C, on the other hand, is not going to get me anywhere, and, besides, I'm mad at OS X right now, so...I'm gonna delve deep into PHP. Gonna write a lot of it. Gonna know it cold.

Here's where you come in. Code is only useful when it does something. So, the question for you all is what it should do? What kind of features would you like to see on this website? What kind of data would you like to see manipulated? Ratings? More magical Itunes trickery? Any and all suggestions are appreciated. I also encourage people to tell me I'm barking up the wrong tree and that there's a much better way to get a new job, complete with explanation and the time I should show up at the interview.