For those of you who have clamored to hear the new version of If We Were, I'm going to hit the open mic at the Sidewalk Cafe tomorrow night (Monday, September 1st). You only get 8 minutes, so I'm only gonna do the one song (it's fucking seven minutes long). I don't really know too much about details, but I'll probably find out more by tomorrow evening, so drop me an e-mail, an IM, or a phone call, and I'll try to let you know. I do know it's no cover, 2 drink minimum, and there are always tons of great acts.

[Update 10:30 PM: I think the whole shebang starts at around 8 with signup at 7:30. No idea when I'd be going on then. Not a big deal if people don't show since I'm only doing one song, but I'd appreciate the moral support...]

P.S. Check back here if you can before you come, in case I chicken out or something. Cause you know I might.