Ok, I'm gonna start a new trend as part of my new pushing forward mentality. Every Tuesday morning (or late Monday night, however you prefer to look at it), I'll put together a little progress report on what's happened musically the past week.

So over the past week, I made some progress on lyrics and a B section for a track I've had on the back burner for a couple months (new stuff not included in link), got a few lines of lyrics down for Wayne Shorter's Infant Eyes (if you don't have Speak No Evil, and you're any kind of jazz fan, you're just plain wrong).

Sang at the Village Underground tonight - they knew my song this time: Can't Hide Love by Earth, Wind, and Fire, but also redone unbelievably by D'Angelo . I thought I was the worst singer of the night (people were FANTASTIC tonight!) but when I was leaving, Schon Jomel was like "next week, I have to get your number. We are gonna sing together." uh....OK! Next week, Purple Rain. And maybe I'll actually invite my friends :)

The singer/songwriter (Chrissi Poland) I met last week turned out to be BADASS. I mean, the girl can WAIL! Probably more on her music in the coming weeks....