Yeah, yeah, I know it's not Tuesday morning yet, but the Village Underground is closed for the next four weeks, so I'm going to bed early tonight, and damned if I'm gonna try to post before going to work tomorrow.

This week, I took some baby steps back into the world of written music, the world I spent my four years of college in, the world I loathed for its difficulty, and loved for its efficiency. I've started playing Chopin's Nocturne in Bb Minor (op. 9, No. 1). If you haven't heard it, you should. It's amazing. Now if I could only get past the first 10 bars...

I met with Tim, a fellow musical explorer, and we played each other songs, and talked about writing and lyrics and why we do this thing called music. I got that feeling about him that I always secretly want people to have about me - I had known he was a great singer and a talented musician, but it took actually listening to him to understand that he's not just potential, not just a "singer/songwriter," but someone who ACTUALLY sings really well and ACTUALLY writes great songs. I liked that. Talent in others is a wonderful inspiring thing.

If We Were, the song I've been working on most recently, is almost done, thanks to a little inspiration from Waking Life and a Sandman story called Fear of Falling. This will be the first song i've actually completed in about 10 years, so get psyched. More songs will follow, along with performances. Slow and steady.

Slow and steady.