So I went to this party last night thrown by this keyboard player. Dope pad, nice keyboards everywhere, and a beautiful home studio where we had a nice little late-night jam session.

And the thing I kept hearing, when I first got to the party and started introducing myself to people, and later on, after the other singer-types and I had sung our drunken dry-throated asses off, was "Oh, where do you sing?" And its corollary, "What kind of stuff do you sing?"

My answers: "Um, I don't really" and "Well, uh, I don't really sing anything anymore."


It's time to get serious again about singing. I gave up on the open mic circuit cause I didn't have any songs, due largely to my continual defeat in the ongoing struggle against lyric-writing. Singing covers doesn't really appeal to me, so I must venture once more into the fray.

I'm considering taking a songwriting class at the New School this summer: either Songwriting or Lyric Writing. Now, you know I'm normally very skeptical of classes in non-academic subjects and their effectiveness, but anything that forces me to write lyrics on a regular basis has to be good for me, right?

Anyway, just fishing for opinions, cause, seriously, some changes have to be made around here. If I take one of these classes, which one should it be? Should I just take voice lessons instead? Decisions, decisions. And if you have any other ideas for how to get me back on the stage, don't keep them to yourselves...