When I used to play the guitar (in my teenage years), I was intrigued by the psychological perception of pitch. If I play a C, and I tune the E string a little flat, it still sounds like a major third. But if I keep turning the peg, eventually it's no longer a flat E, it's a sharp E-flat, and it sounds like a minor third. So what happens perceptually in a listener trained on an equal-tempered scale (basically, anyone in the Western hemisphere at this point) when the note is right smack on the middle?

Picture me sitting in my room, head cocked to one side, trying to turn this peg back and forth as minutely as possible until it was exactly precisely in the middle. Clearly a fool's errand.

But 10 years later, Csound has shown me the way. So for anyone who has ever wondered what happens to such the listener in such a case?

It just makes you nauseous.

Behold, The Mijor Triad.