Alright, folks, it's on. I spent another hour troubleshooting drivers today, and I finally figured out what was wrong. Anyone out there using a Digi 002 or Digi 002 Rack, don't buy anything from Ximeta. They write really shitty software for their NDAS drives. I should have realized this when I first installed the software and got kernel panics constantly.

So I got down to business. I took a look at Perfect Moment; some great ideas have been coming up in rehearsal, so tonight I was gonna try to integrate some of them into the recording. Success was limited; the recording is at 96 bpm, and the live version is at 85. So some things don't translate too well. It's too bad though; we've got this really awesome bridge section developing, with shades of "Chicken Grease" meets Radiohead. Perhaps it will just have to be a special surprise for people who come to see us.

Songwriting is so interesting sometimes. I'm relatively new to it, and there are many ways in which I still have no idea what I'm doing. I'll write a song from a certain angle (e.g. Perfect Moment was born from a lyric about having dinner with someone who's too shy to make eye contact), add in other layers (the sort of hip-hop soul feel), and then start building off the new layers, without regard for the original. So I end up with this really hip jam section in the middle of a song about inaction and waiting for things to happen. And then I have to rejigger everything to make it all make sense. Fun with incongruity!

I'm digging this idea of daily status reports. I know they're a lot less interesting than my epic posts of the past, but even if no one's reading them, at least they keep me honest.