Or not. The dissenters have finally found their voice.

The other day, I linked to an old blog entry. It's too bad that, at the time, I didn't actually bother to read it. It was about looseness, the importance of flaws, and, at the root of it, the difference between greatness and perfection. (Hint: strive for the first, the second only leads to crap.)

I think that the heart of my desire to get this EP mixed by someone else is a desire to make it sound "professional." To be able to put my album up next to other albums, and declare that it fits among them. To put out something that, ooh maybe, please please, fingers crossed, might get played on the radio, or, do I dare to dream, on the television.

And goddammit, that's a bunch of bullshit. This is not some sonically pure, big studio effort. I didn't go to some fancy engineer who knows about the best mic placement to avoid phase problems. I didn't record in a well-treated room with bass traps in every corner. You can hear me take breaths because I left them in. You can hear the hi-hat bleed from the headphones on some of the vocal tracks, because I left it in.

Back before I was part of FLS, I remember going to a bar with some of the boys and their college friends. We were all just hanging out, and of course, someone suggested that they start freestyling. So we all crowded around, I banged out a beat on the table, and they went at it. The rest of the bar was still talking; I think there was even music playing from the speakers. But it was awesome. Because it was real. No tricks, no smoke, no mirrors, just crazy talented kids doing what they do in the middle of a bar for shits and giggles.

Why should I blow my savings on some hotshot to make this record sound like chocolate pudding with fresh organic strawberries in a golden bowl? I want it to sound like your stupid friends banging on the table and singing on a Saturday night, with the fan blowing, and people talking, and cars passing in the street. But they're really, really good.

Because that's what I do. I make real music. It's not shiny. It's not professional. It's not perfect. But it's fucking great. And I need to respect that.

Unfortunately, that doesn't lead me to a decision. But it's a start. More as it develops.