Hi everyone. Just a quick note to check in. I had a great solo show in December. In terms of my own performance, it was my best show yet. I was focused, I had fun, and lots of friends showed up to listen and support. A great way to close out 2008.

To begin 2009, I've done a quick and dirty redesign of the website. The theme is a slightly altered version of Dailypress, and the photo above is courtesy of the lovely and talented Ms. Anya Garrett. I'm finally starting to learn a thing or two about Photoshop and CSS, which I cannot recommend enough. To other aurally oriented folks like myself, the more you understand about design, the better off you'll be.

I have another solo gig coming up on February 24th at Rockwood Music Hall, a great little venue on the Lower East Side. The sound there is great, and they have a real nice piano. I've also got gigs with Freestyle Love Supreme the first Monday of every month, and a very special maybe gig possibly coming up in February as well (fingers crossed!).

I'm cooking up some plans on how to make more music more often, but I've still got some "perfectionism" and "procrastination" issues to deal with. (Note: these words are red herrings - they're too vague, and they mean essentially nothing. Keep an eye out for this guy's new book if you're interested in having your mind blown and your life changed.) Soon, my friends. Soon.

One last thing before I go: if you don't have it yet, you should buy my EP, If We Were , on iTunes. I think it's pretty great, and, if reviews are to be believed, a grand total of 4 other people do, too. Or if you do have it (bless your heart), but you want to make sure to get more well-nourished and unhurried music from me, there's a little Paypal box in the corner over there. In the sidebar. Yeah, that's it. Right over there. Just a little closer. That's right. OK, click the button....