So the video Anya made for me has been doing surprisingly well! The past day or two have had us featured on a couple of popular Polish websites (among others), and it looks like I'm getting some new visitors!

Weclome, new visitors! Here's the lowdown. I'm an indie singer/songwriter of the soul persuasion. I write, record, and mix all my own stuff. There's a vaguely Prince-like vibe to some of my harmonies, but I also claim D'Angelo, Rufus Wainwright, Steely Dan, The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, and dozens of others as influences.

I put out an EP called If We Were on September 30, 2008. It's available on iTunes and on CD. Sweet Reprise, the song from the video, is on it. You can hear other bits of it below.

The first song you'll hear, Far Side of Town, is under a Creative Commons nc-by 3.0 license (with the rest of the album soon to follow). This means I'm giving it away! You can take it, share it, remix it, and share what you've made, as long it's noncommercial use, and you link back to my site. To download it, and get the full details, go to

I've had this blog since June 2003. It's taken a lot of shapes since then, but it's starting to settle into one that I like. An exploration of the creative process and the struggle to become something more than I am. I'm sure many of you can relate.

Have a look around! If you like what you see (and hear), leave a comment. If you want to keep seeing it, subscribe to my RSS feed. If you want to hear more, join my mailing list. I'll keep you posted about live shows, and send out occasional goodies that don't appear on the site!

[Update: If there's no iTunes Music Store where you are, you can also get If We Were on Lala, Napster, or eMusic.]