Indie soul singer, songwriter, and keyboardist from Queens, and a founding member of Broadway's Freestyle Love Supreme, recipient of the Special Tony Award 2020. I write indie soul songs, and delight in spontaneous melody and open space.

Singer, songwriter, and keyboardist from Queens. I write indie soul songs and delight in spontaneous melody and open space.

Fairway Uptown!

Down the stairs, to the left, walk all the way west to the river, and head inside…

What We Eat

In keeping with the previous post, I've decided to examine my own terrible eating habits and see how they can be improved. Cooking at home is the focus here. My question to all, rather, both of my loyal readers is…

I'm also a developer

I specialize in building tools for musicians. For the past couple years, I've been helping out at Soundfly, a new kind of music school for today's musician.